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I am a smart-working and ambitious individual with a great passion for the programming and computing concepts. I am currently in my study of Grade 11th in Science faculty in BernHardt College, Balkhu. I have excellent communication skills, enabling me to effectively communicate with a wide range of people. I describe myself as a crazy and logical coder. Coding is my passion, job and my life. Currently, I am owner at neptechofficial.com including code.neptechofficial.com, CodRUM and blog.neptechofficial.com. neptechofficial.com is a tool site that helps users to do SEO, blogging and social networking in their sites. blog.neptechofficial.com teaches SEO, blogging and social networking. code.neptechofficial.com teaches programming and coding. And at last CodRUM is a forum for code.neptechofficial.com. At last, I just wanna say ‘Life is boring without CODES’.