Best Blogging Ideas in Canada

Best BLOGGING IDES in Canada in 2019

Hey Guys! Finding a good blogging idea is going tough day by day. So, getting a better blogging topic in Canada is also a confusing factor in 2019. Therefore I have presented some best blogging ideas that you must apply while creating a blog in Canada.

Let’s learn some best blogging ideas and topics in Canada.

Best Blogging Ideas in Canada


According to the top searches in the previous year of 2018, sports-related topics are the most searched keywords in Canada. You can create a blog related to sports. You can get enough topics and latest stories about sports in Canada which will help you to get new content for your blog. You can write articles on topics like World Cup, Winter Olympic Games, etc.

Top Stories

Writing on ‘Top Stories’ is one of the best blogging ideas that you can apply in Canada. In 2019, you can begin a new blog on the ‘Top Stories’ topic. In 2018, bloggers had created enough amount of content which was related to ‘Top Stories’.

Now, you can also create content related to ‘Top Stories’ and get massive traffic on your blog.

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Canadian News

Creating an article content on ‘Canadian News’ would be the perfect topic for you, if you are interested in News. According to 2018, Humboldt Broncos, Winnipeg Jets, Ontario Election, Cannabis, Toronto Van Attack, Danforth Shooting, WestJet Strike, Bruce McArthur, and NB Power Outages are top ten Google Searches on the topic of ‘Canadian News’. Now, you can also create content related to Canadian News and earn huge traffic on your blog.

Technical Tips and Consumer Tech

‘Consumer tech’ had occupied a good status on the Google Search year of 2018. Fortnite, Bitcoin, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 76, and iPhone Xs are the top google searches on the topic of Consumer Tech in 2018, which gives us a clear sign that there will be a huge scope in blogging topics like ‘ Technical Tips and Consumer Tech.’

Movies Reviews and Criticism

You can review top trending movies and criticize about the latest movies, then be sure that your article will surely get viral. You can also spoil a little about the movie, which could be perfect for visitors. If we analyze the ‘Movies’ topic on the search year of 2018 we can find out these results: Black Panther, Deadpool 2, A Star is Born, Venom and A Quiet Place.

Which blogging idea will you apply in 2019? Comment Below.

I hope you will apply some of the blogging ideas in 2019 and earn good revenue, and traffic. You can also visit: Trending Google Searches in Canada 2019

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