How to write a good article?

Writing a good article depends upon the creativity that you spread on the buttons of the keyboard.

Hey Bloggers! Blogging seems a complicated factor nowadays. Every second millions of articles are being posted. Now, “How to write a good article?” is also a complicated question. Therefore I have posted this article to simplify the question of a good article.
Read the article and find the answer easily, not complicately.

How to write a good article?


There are millions of articles and millions of titles. So, choosing a good tile and writing with it is the most important factor to write a good article. Choosing a good title also helps us in SEO(Search Engine Optimization). So, you have to choose a unique and perfect title for the content.
A good title can attract visitors on the website or blog.
These are some titles that I found on the internet about ‘obesity’:
i) How to lose belly fat?
ii) How to lose obesity?
iii) What are the reasons for obesity? etc.
So, now choose a good title like this:
i) How to kill belly fat? With reasons of obesity?
For more info about the title: Click Me.

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Perfect, Let’s enter toward the second step of writing a good article.

Featured Image or Thumbnail

Don’t think that you’re here to learn ‘how to write a good article’, you’re here to learn ‘how to write a very good article’. If you’re thinking just writing good content means writing a good article then you’re wrong. Writing a good article means making it attractive. So, Thumbnail or Featured Image is also a key point to a good article. With a good thumbnail, you can earn the hearts of millions of visitors.
So, choosing a good thumbnail is vital for writing a good article.
Example: Click Me.

Brilliant, Let’s move towards the third step of writing a good article.


Amazing. You’re learning perfectly. If you wanna make your article easily readable, then you have to divide the articles with heading and sub-heading. It’s easy to do, Just choose Heading for the main point and choose Sub-Heading for sub-point.
* Features of internet
Connecting Humans
Spreading Learning
* Features of Phones

Cool, I think you’re learning perfectly to write a good article. Let’s run towards the fourth step of writing a good article.

Use ‘Magnords’

Actually, ‘Magnords’ stands for magnetic words. Magnords can be most efficient weapons to write a good article. You can use Magnords to impress visitors.
Like: You can you ‘brilliant’ instead of ‘good’.
Note: You have to use Magnords according to the situation.

Fantastic, you’re going smoothly. Let’s learn about the fifth step in writing a good article.

Use Hooks

Using Hooks are the perfect way to write good articles. Hooks are those statements that are used at various places of articles. Hooks can hook the attention time of visitors in your article.
Like: Wonderful, you’re learning perfectly.

Amazing, you’re a good learner. Let’s fly towards the sixth step of writing a perfect article.

Vector Images

You can use various types of vector images to make visitors understand what you’ve written. Using perfect vector images can be very useful to make the visitors understand your concept.

Wonderful, Let’s put our pure mind towards the seventh and the last step of writing a perfect article.

Content is the GOD-FATHER

You’ve done all of the points mentions here but you haven’t written perfect content then it will be as like as a pudding without sugar. You can’t just explain anything in your article, it must have a good mass and weight. The content must not be hollow. Your content must be explained according to your title, then the content gets a good weight. So, use your mind to write a perfect article.

I think you’ve learned “How to write a good article?”. Thanks.

Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.

Brian Clark (A famous blogger)

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