How to increase blog traffic blog in 2019?

how to increase blog traffic 2019

Hi Friends! Welcome to our another interesting article. Today’s article is about the most asked question ” HOW TO INCREASE BLOG TRAFFIC? “

Now, getting a better traffic in your blog or website is not a rocket science. It’s not too difficult. The main key tag of a successful blog is marketing or sharing.

I am sharing you some practical tricks to increase huge traffic on your blog.

Let’s Learn about: How to increase blog traffic?

1. Share on social media

You might have heard this several times, but this idea is the most important key tag to get huge traffic in the blog.
Search for some good stock photos and add them in your article and share your articles links in your social media apps or site.

Suppose I have written an article and I have to share it in my Facebook Page then just I’ll do the same as following:


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How to increase blog traffic blog in 2019?
How to increase blog traffic blog in 2019 ?

  You can use many social media’s like:
1. Facebook –
2. Pinterest –
3. Google+ –
4. Tumblr –

2. Share your blog links on Forum comment sections

There are enough Forums to make your site’s growth. Go on the Forum of the websites, which should be related to your niche. Search the keyword on the Forum and go on the comment or reply box and give your opinions and add your blog’s link on the comment.
There are several Forums like:
1. Google Adsense Forum –!forum/adsense
2. Google Blogger Forum –!forum/blogger
3. Google Play Help Forum –!forum/play
4. Webmaster Forum –!forum/webmasters

3. Comment on other’s blog

There are several blogs which may be similar to your blog’s niche. So you just have to collect some same blogs like your’s and share your blog’s article (same topic) link on the comment box of the other’s blog. As well as give some comments and opinions on that article of other’s blog, otherwise he/she may list you as spam.


Like: Hey Brother! Nice Article. I have also written on this topic in my blog:

4. Create an FB Page, Group and Chat Group

FB is an amazing place to share your links and earn huge traffic. If you want to gain more traffic then you must make an FB page with the name of your blog.

Create an FB group as well. Share your fabulous links in your FB CHAT Group.
FB Group –

5. Comment in other’s YouTube Channel’s comment section

This is also a wonderful way to get traffic to your blog. Search a YouTube Channel that is related to your blog and click on one of the videos,  which must be related to your article title. Give some feedbacks and write a good comment and add your articles link and click on comment.


Hey Man! Nice Video. I have also written on this topic in my blog:

6. Create a YouTube video related to your blog

Amazing! Create a nicely explained video and add the embedded link on your blog. As well add your blog’s article link on the description of your video.
This is the fastest way to grow both your blog and youtube channel.

So, these are some awesome and practical ways to gets massive traffic to your blog. I hope this article helps you to increase your blog traffic. Keep reading, keep smiling.


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